Medical Virtual Assistant

Offloading everyday tasks to a qualified medical virtual assistant allows you and your staff more quality time with patients.

Consider a Medical VA for help with tasks such as:

Patient appointment coordinator

General Administrative Assistant

Patient Calls Answered

Clerical Duties Performed

Customer Service

Records Management

Insurance Verification

Patient Eligibility

Authorization & Billing

Referral Specialist

We offer professionally trained staff at a fraction of the traditional cost!

Our trained Virtual Assistants are qualified, educated, background vetted, and DISC tested professionals who are ready to perform tasks that can be done remotely for a fraction of the cost of hiring someone in an office.

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True Work Logistics maintains a large network of full-time remote assistants—many with college degrees and other specialized qualifications. We actively recruit throughout Mexico to attract exceptional people to represent our company and, in turn, yours.

Our team members have proven they are productive and successful working from their homes and possess relevant experience. With True Remote Logistics, you know you’re hiring great people with the knowledge and skill to take on your biggest challenges—remotely!

Medical virtual assistant placement

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We Continue To Support You Even After Your New Team Member Begins

To make onboarding your new employee quick and easy, we take an active role getting them up and running. This includes working with you to make sure they’re connected to payroll and our proprietary time tracking system.

Once everything is rolling, we’ll send you daily reports of your assistant’s logged hours and continue to provide ongoing support for you and your new hire, including:

Making sure team members are paid on time

Facilitating enrollment in benefit programs

Continuing education/training

Annual reviews and performance monitoring

Grow your practice by hiring a medical virtual assistant.